Marketing Your Neurofeedback Business


Episode 2: The Business of Neurofeedback with Kristi Knight


Today, Miriam speaks with Kristi Knight of Brain Fitness to hear the most effective tools to marketing your neurofeedback business. Listen in and hear from a real pro!


Kristi Knight began her journey as a stay-at-home-mom, raising 6 kids with various learning and living challenges. When her search for help for her youngest led to one not-so-helpful intervention after another, she was finally referred to a feeding clinic. They referred her for neurofeedback. The results for Kristi’s entire family were so profound, it turned into a real course change for her life. She purchased a NeurOptimal® system, went back to school for a degree in Cognitive Studies, got a certification in coaching for brain health, and started her business. Others in Kristi’s community of neighbors, friends, relatives, and helping professionals saw what was happening in her life and grew more and more interested. She was able to pay her system off in the first year. Then Kristi got serious!


For marketing your neurofeedback business, Kristi has powerful insight and practical ideas as to what opens doors and what isn’t worth the expense of time and energy. Kristi is one of the leaders in our industry working to put brain health and fitness on the map. She is currently working with a local university to develop a unique degree program for brain health.  


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