About Miriam Bellamy

As a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, I have been propelled, for 20 years, by an insatiable curiosity about relationships. What I have learned, in all my studies, and in all my research and practice with hundreds of families, is that staying in the search, continuing to ask hard questions, and being willing to open up about what we are learning and where we’re stuck (or not) are all essential to living life well. Becoming a neurofeedback practitioner has been an extraordinary next step in my learning process.

Before renting my own neurofeedback training system, I was struggling with a chronic illness that was getting in the way of all I love dearly. Prior to renting a system, and after years of grasping at any “solution” that was thrown my way—supplements, meditation, restorative yoga, supplements, sauna, physical therapy, supplements, on and on and on ad-nauseam (literally)—I decided I needed an entirely different approach to my health. Chasing symptoms, I came to believe, was helping to perpetuate them. I needed a comprehensive treatment plan that took a big-picture, whole-system kind of view. Looking at a bigger picture made all the difference, and nonlinear neurofeedback was an essential piece.

As I learned about nonlinear neurofeedback, I came to understand that its power lay in harnessing the brain’s own natural healing processes in order to bring about greater physical and emotional well-being. Click here to read more about my own experience with neurofeedback training and to see why becoming a neurofeedback practitioner was a perfect fit! Click here to read about my daughter’s story in conquering the more difficult parts of ADHD and Anxiety.

Now, as a neurofeedback practitioner, I am so delighted to walk alongside others, who also want to improve their lives and who believe that the body’s and brain’s ability to heal itself lies at the foundation of good health—physical and mental. I want to make your experience as powerful as mine, and I will work hard to help you do that.

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