Episode 3:

Eating Competency w/ Keira Oseroff, LCSW

In this episode, we welcome our guest Keira Oseroff, LCSW a childhood feeding expert and proponent of the benefits of neurofeedback training.
Tune in to hear what Keira has to say about the 4 components of competent eating and what you can do as a parent to encourage your child’s eating competency in addition to neurofeedback training.


Getting the Most Out of Neurofeedback with Childhood Feeding Expert, Keira Oseroff, LCSW

Do you have a child who needs help with focus or behavior or follow through? Have you begun to consider food as one of the culprits? Many parents who call us looking for neurofeedback are already either changing or considering changing WHAT they feed their children. However, many haven’t thought about HOW they feed their children. Join me with childhood feeding expert, Keira Oseroff, LCSW, in exploring how to think about feeding our children and feeding ourselves and how NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can help. In this webinar, Keira offers practical tips for parents as well as “big ideas” on ways to think about such a tricky issue for many families. She describes how competent eating and neurofeedback go hand in hand, competent eating being a term coined by internationally acclaimed childhood feeding expert, Ellyn Satter.

Eating Competency and Neurofeedback

Competent eating involves 4 clearly defined goals, one of which is something called the DOR…the Division of Responsibilities…which offers a guide for what you as the parent are responsible for and what your children are responsible for. It’s a powerful tool that can ground a parent even in the midst of difficult feeding/eating moments. When parents can stay focused on their own job, children can move more efficiently into developing eating competency.  If you are thinking about food and feeding in light of your child’s challenges, whatever they may be, you do not want to miss this webinar. Keira has nearly 20 years experience in helping families with these issues. She is on the board and faculty of the internationally renowned Ellyn Satter Institute, and she is in private practice specializing in treating eating disorders in Marietta, Georgia.

For those of you who finish the webinar and would like access to the eating competency quiz that Keira referenced, here is the link: QUIZ