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Get started with your neurofeedback equipment faster with these useful videos, articles, and other resources.

Equipment Orientation

Get properly introduced to your new neurofeedback equipment which includes everything you need to get started with neurofeedback training.

Performing a Self Hookup

Learn how to hook yourself up to the NeurOptimal equipment. We find this is hard to do for some clients, so we include hair clips in the shipment of your equipment.

Starting a Session and More.

Learn NeurOptimal interface, features and controls. This video playlist covers everything from starting the software to advanced features and controls. 

Starting a Movie.

This video covers the basics of finding, starting, and controling the movie watching experience using the Neuroptimal Neurofeedback inteface that comes with your system. 

Weekly Windows Updates for Maintenance

Keep your Microsoft Windows system update for the best NeurOptimal experience. 

How to Clean Your Sensors

Learn how to properly clean the neurofeedback equipment sensors. 


How To Know You’ve Hooked Up Correctly

This short video shows you how to ensure ou’re hooked up correctly to the neurofeedback machine.

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