Brain Training for Everyone

Neurofeedback Can Help Anyone With a Brain

Dynamical neurofeedback® training benefits people from all walks of life. From artists, to athletes, from business people to children, neurofeedback training can benefit anyone who wants a wellness approach to feeling and functioning optimally.

How Can Neurofeedback Training Help You?

While the wellness applications for neurofeedback training are nearly limitless, Whole Family Neurofeedback often helps people with the following:

Focus and Mental Acuity

Improve your memory, focus, concentration, and understanding.

Mental Resilience

Enhance your ability to remain calm under stressful situations.

Stress Management

When stress becomes a problem, Neurofeedback can help.

Emotional Resilience

When distressing or life-threatening events occur, whether in childhood or as an adult, neurofeedback can help you grow past them and live a freer life.

Sleep Management

Experience the joy of deep and restful sleep. Wake feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

Physical Resilience After Injury

Improve the brain and improve the body. When the command center runs better, so will you.


Begin to be able to focus less on your desire for substances.

Peak Performance

Work to improve performance anxieties to enhance athletic, artistic, and academic achievment.

A Special Note for Parents

Understand what realistic expections might be for your family’s brain training.


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