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Purchasing a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System

Start your own Neurofeedback business or buy one for personal

and family use for a life time of brain fitness

Here are our two most popular neurofeedback systems. Contact us for all our options!

Not sure you’re ready to buy a machine? We have resources to help you through every step of the process. See all resources >>

If you are purchasing for business, how quickly will you see an ROI after purchasing a neurofeedback machine? 

Not ready to buy? Learn more about renting a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system for as low as $35 per session.

Why add neurofeedback to your practice or clinic: considerations

Before committing to offering neurofeedback brain training at your practice or clinic, here are some factors to consider:
What is the best neurofeedback equipment to buy?  Factors to consider include immediate and long-term costs, training, financing, philosophy, ease of use, side effects, passive income, tech support, etc. Click here to read a comparison of these factors of the neurofeedback equipment on the market to consider.
Being able to commit to the time it takes to get a neurofeedback business off the ground.
While neurofeedback’s track record is powerful, some still have concerns about the research not being sufficiently vigorous. Take a minute to read this short article addressing these concerns.
Deciding if you want to run the sessions yourself, if you want to hire a technician to run them for you, or if you want to offer your clients rentals (This is the safest and best for the client when done using NeurOptimal®).

Interested in purchasing a neurofeedback system for your practice? Reach out to us.