Purchasing a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System

Purchasing Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback equipment is a financial, emotional, and spiritual investment in your family and yourself.

Let Whole Family Neurofeedback Make the Journey a Whole Lot Easier!

There are no additional costs to purchase through us! Just fewer headaches!

Start your own Neurofeedback practice or buy one for personal and family use for a lifetime of brain fitness!

Take the guesswork out by having us with you along the way.

When you purchase the equipment through us, you will save time and money.

At no additional cost to you, we offer:

Three free coaching sessions post purchase. Whether you are purchasing for your family or for a business or practice, we are here to give guidance.

Two ways to save money: hidden credit card fees and 0% interest financing options.  

Three ways to save time: Advance prep for the checkout process, step by step guidance through the checkout process, and close monitoring of your shipment through customs to your door.

Just reach out! We’ll take good care of you!

As a psychotherapist, I am always looking for tools that will help my clients. Typically, these come in the form of therapeutic techniques. Sometimes, therapy isn’t enough and our clients need something more. When introduced to NeurOptimal® by my friend and colleague, Miraim, I was skeptical to say the least. After all, I had not had a positive experience with (linear) neurofeedback in the past for my own son. After much consideration, I took the leap- to try NeurOptimal® for myself and my clients. Miriam guided me through the buying process and I now have 3 systems. I keep one to use in office with clients (and myself of course), and use the 2 others as rental units.
It’s been just over 1 year and can say that I do not regret the decision!
Keira Oseroff


Not ready to buy?

Learn more about renting a NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system for as low as $35 per session.

Why add neurofeedback to your practice or clinic: considerations

Before committing to offering neurofeedback brain training at your practice or clinic, here are some factors to consider:
What is the best neurofeedback equipment to buy?  Factors to consider include immediate and long-term costs, training, financing, philosophy, ease of use, side effects, passive income, tech support, etc. Click here to read a comparison of these factors of the neurofeedback equipment on the market to consider.
Being able to commit to the time it takes to get a neurofeedback business off the ground.
While neurofeedback’s track record is powerful, some still have concerns about the research not being sufficiently vigorous. Take a minute to read this short article addressing these concerns.
Deciding if you want to run the sessions yourself, if you want to hire a technician to run them for you, or if you want to offer your clients rentals (This is the safest and best for the client when done using NeurOptimal®).

If you are purchasing for business, how quickly will you see an ROI after purchasing a neurofeedback machine? 

Interested in purchasing a neurofeedback system for your practice? Reach out to us.

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