Peak Performance:
Most of your game is mental. What are you doing about it?

Solidify Your Competitive Edge with Neurofeedback

You spend time training your body, but what about your brain? The most successful athletes have a mental edge, not just a physical one. Athletes and teams who integrate NeurOptimal neurofeedback training into their regimen include Dutch Olympic rower, Govert Viergever, an MLB team, and our very own Fort Collins Sugar Beets Pro Women’s Cycling Team.

Our athletes use neurofeedback training to:
·      Reduce performance anxiety and fear
·      Minimize stress
·      Increase focus
·      Enhance team cohesion
·      Improve sleep
·      Push through workouts
·      Enhance clarity
·      Pursue athletic goals previously out of reach
·      Achieve seamless measurable performance improvement without having to over think it or add a bunch of stressful training

In Fort Collins, Colorado, the Sugar Beets Pro Women’s Cycling Team is using neurofeedback to reduce their fear of speed, downhill runs, and to push past their previous limits. Stay tuned for more from the Sugar Beets experience with neurofeedback upping their game.

Here’s Jenny to tell a little bit about her experience so far:

Are you or your team looking for a competitive edge?

Neurofeedback is the most powerful, reliable, and cost-effective way to do that.
See our team pricing to rent a neurofeedback machine for the whole team.

Here’s Sam at the beginning of her neurofeedback journey:

The Neurofeedback system is amazing! I work nights and was having a lot of trouble sleeping as well as dealing with nervousness at work. Just one session helped me with both and follow-up sessions seem to help me sleep better and better and work just seems to get smoother.

Celeste Cannon

Sugar Beets Team Member

To learn more about Samantha, Jenny, Celeste, and the other members of the Sugar Beets Cycling Team, please visit their website at