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Hear from others who have used Neurofeedback


Neurofeedback creates a meditative audio and visual environment so you can relax while your brain is monitored and trained. I’ve only had three sessions but even after one,  could tell I was more focused and less anxious in general.

Celeste Cannon

Fort Collins, CO

The NF is going really, really well.  I’m on session 7 or 8, and I do notice a huge difference in my adaptability and focus.  SO impressed!!!  I mean, to be frank, I would’ve expected Mikey’s passing to be much worse.  I would’ve expected to fall into a deep sadness and grief. He’s been such a large part of my life.  He’s walked me through several difficult and traumatic experiences.  We spent very little time apart over the last 9 years, and his energetic presence was HUGE, so the loss was profound and physically painful.  I cried a lot, but I didn’t fall into a deep depression as expected.  Instead, I felt like the grief was totally normal and that it would pass.  That surprised me.  In addition to that, my focus is ON POINT! 
I feel like my brain is young again. LOL  (Have a look at the video Rachel created for us about her experience here.) 
Rachel H.

Fort Collins, CO

“I want to let you know that whatever people call  the shift is amazing.  My best friend got the “shift.”  My son got the “shift.”  I got the “shift.” All of us almost at the same time. I had the “shift” 4 days ago.  I told my friend  I do not  know what is going on, but I am feeling different. I am more organized around the house and less forgetful. I am feeling rested and ready for whatever the day brings. And my stomach feels so good!  My friend told me she thought it was a miracle. I was thinking the same. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dora also writes about her 9 year old son’s experience:

I was talking with my sister about the phenomenon of the shift. My son was listening and told me he had a shift too! He said it had happened the week before. He told me that his life had felt like being in a black hole. I did not know he was feeling that bad inside, and my heart was broken. He always was smiling! I asked him how he is feeling now since the neurofeedback. He told me that he cannot find the word to describe his feeling, that there is not a word to describe it. He was feeling like never before, and he thought the word might be joy! He was so happy telling me.  He told me  he was feeling miserable thinking constantly what if, what if, if, if, if, if… But not any more!


Dora A. and Her 9 Year Old Son

Cumming, GA

Now, since neurofeedback, my thoughts don’t go as catastrophic. It used to be worst-case-scenario when something stressful would happen at work or at home. Now I can truly consider and evaluate all of my options when faced with a challenge. I’m not pulled down into a hole over something that is a maybe. And the actual sessions were so relaxing! My sleep is also much better. It was the first thing I noticed. I used to have really restless, anxious, and stressful dreams, and I don’t anymore.


Roswell, GA

After starting with the NeurOptimal® equipment, I went from having 2-3 terrible moments daily since my husband’s affair to 2-3 terrible moments in 2 weeks. And I’ve only had about 10 sessions so far. When there is a stressful situation at work, it doesn’t take over anymore. I can reflect on things later. This makes me feel pretty good, pretty confident and strong. I am also able to actively let stressful marital crises go, and I end up being more supportive of my husband instead of just reacting to his stress. I’m still waking up at night, but I’m not feeling the speedy thoughts like I used to, so I just go back to sleep. I’m hoping more training will get me to sleep through the night.


Denver, CO

It only took two days on Neurofeedback before I began to feel differently. My thoughts were more clear and they somehow seemed more my own. I felt like Neurofeedback released my mind from its own prison, and once my thoughts began to feel free, so did I. It is a journey to have my mind unencumbered by old patterns and terrible thoughts to be free now to actually be myself and get to know that person. I highly recommend it, combined with therapy, for anyone...especially those struggling with triggers and distressing experiences.


I feel great! I definitely think it works. I talked to a friend about it yesterday actually, and I said it’s allowed me to be able to get in a better place. Meaning I have the ability to stop letting something bother me. I still have stresses. There have been real interesting events this past week and high stress situations, and I felt like I was able to tackle it with ease. I had my moments, but I was proud of how I handled each situation. I wish I had your business cards! I get asked about it daily! My clients too have noticed a difference and have asked what I’ve done.


Woodstock, GA

I have felt stuck in some of the same emotions and patterns my whole life. After hedging some and feeling unsure as to what neurofeedback is and really does, I decided to give it a try. It has been life-changing for me. The training has addressed my brain fog, overall sense of wellbeing, and my ability to maintain more steady reactions to events throughout my day. I have also noticed that my negative self-talk has decreased significantly. I truly look forward to my neurofeedback sessions and find an extreme sense of calm immediately after.

Whole Family Neurofeedback Client

Marietta, GA

I have done 18 sessions, and I feel there are tangible results from the training. My emotions are more even-keeled and less subject to big swings. I worry less and am more at ease with not knowing, not having a final answer, and thriving through uncertainty. I don’t obsess nearly as much about things—for example what to do with my relationship with my partner. I am better able to shut out distractions at work so that I don’t spin my wheels when too many demands are thrust upon me. This week I slept a lot better too! I had been waking up between 2 AM and 5 AM and was unable to go back to sleep!


Colorado Springs, CO

Noticing some interesting things. First of all, as you mention in some of the instructions, the symptoms have intensified. I’ve been experiencing even more anxious, fearful, negative thoughts. And yet, as a counter-balance, it’s as if my “meta-self,” my observer, is able to create some distance between those thoughts and myself. I can more easily identify them as (troublemaker) thoughts, and create space between them, reminding myself that they aren’t necessarily true, and I get to choose whether or not to believe them, instead of blithely accepting them as true and heading off into my usual panic.
I especially notice this at night when I get up to go to the bathroom. This is when those thoughts usually take over and keep me awake. But I’ve been able to deal with them effectively and fall back to sleep. Engaging with the thoughts, trying to disprove them and argue them to the ground, isn’t necessary. When I engage with them, I lose. I start trying to fix the outer situation by doing, planning and achieving, and then my ship is sunk. Because the anxiety/fear has intensified and spread to nearly every area of my life, they have overwhelmed my signature way of coping, and I’m forced to find a different way completely. So I’m sidestepping them, basically ignoring what they have to say because they are thoughts/interpretations. And noticing the millions of times my thoughts have been wrong. It’s like living beyond thought, which is strange for me, and yet really freeing.



Fort Collins, CO

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