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The NeurOptimal® Home System is professional-grade neurofeedback equipment specifically designed for home use and comes with everything you need — shipped directly to your door.

Get started for as low as $35 per session in just 3 easy steps.

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Every rental package comes with everything you need to start brain training from day 1! All accompanying equipment, including paste, EEG sensors, instructions and checklists to track your progress are included. See our resources here>>

Neurofeedback Rental Pricing — Choose a plan to fit your needs

Purchase a Personal or Professional System

About 30% of renters decide to either purchase a system for their own use (or for their family, friends, neighbors, high school football team…) or to add as a business venture.

People who work with Zengar Sales Representatives are much happier with their purchase than those who don’t. (Ask us about our special gift for those who name us in the purchase process!)

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How Whole Family Neurofeedback is Different


Flexible Sessions

At Whole Family Neurofeedback, we want you and your family to get the most out of your neurofeedback training, so we offer flexible rental packages. 

More Convenient

Nonlinear neurofeedback is significantly more cost-effective and less time-consuming than linear neurofeedback.

Natural and Non-Invasive

Nonlinear neurofeedback has no side effects. You and your family no longer need to worry about the risks associated with medications and other treatments. 

Dedicated Customer Service

We are available to help walk you through the process 7 days a week, morning and evening.

Diagnostically Agnostic

Nonlinear neurofeedback is diagnostically agnostic. Instead of targeting specific symptoms, we work on optimizing overall brain function. This approach takes care of most complaints whatever their source.

Plug and Play Tech

As complex as the software is, it does not take special training or special skills to implement the tech. Nonlinear neurofeedback is “neurofeedback for dummies.”

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