Linear Neurofeedback generally requires a brain map. Non-linear or NeurOptimal® neurofeedback does not. (See linear vs. non-linear here) Neuroptimal® uses Dynamic Thresholding (DT) instead. DT is a process by which we take 4 measurements of the cortical activity emanating from the scalp, 256 times per second during your entire session. There are a few advantages to this method:


  1. We are collecting an incredible amount of data about how the brain is moving and making “decisions.” The closest I’ve seen in other approaches is 2 measurements, 8 time per second.
  2. The neurofeedback is then based on real time data. If you think of the brain as a fast moving river, it is never the same river. Real time data gives robust information about how the brain is performing in a sub-optimal manner.
  3. This enables us to offer the most personalized neurofeedback available as it is not based on a pre-set protocol or on statistical norms. It’s just based on YOU.
In this time of COVID, our rental and purchase programs have the advantage of not needing a brain map as well. Brain maps generally require a person sleep well the night before, eat well, and have low stress to get a base line reading. COVID is making all of these things tricky at best for most of us.