What is Neurofeedback? It’s not unusual for people to give us some puzzled looks when we talk about brain training with nonlinear neurofeedback. When we describe what we do, and all the people who could potentially benefit from NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, our most common response must be, “Huh?!”

We get it: for many people, neurofeedback is a brand new concept. For many of us, the discovery of neurofeedback as a possible solution has come after trying many more conventional systems and methods, such as therapy, medication, or even linear neurofeedback. In our very first webinar, we tackle some very fundamental questions about nonlinear neurofeedback brain training.

What is neurofeedback?

Hosted by Miriam Bellamy, the CEO and Founder of Whole Family Neurofeedback, the 20-minute webinar seeks to answer the most basic questions that we receive about neurofeedback training, such as:

  • What is neurofeedback?
  • What isn’t neurofeedback?
  • What is the history of neurofeedback?
  • What is the science behind neurofeedback training?
  • What is a session of neurofeedback brain training like?
  • Who is neurofeedback training good for?

Interested in neurofeedback training? Make sure you reach out to us to chat. We’d love to discuss neurofeedback brain training with you, and see if it’s a good fit for you.