What Is Biohacking? 

How To Improve Your Overall Energy and Wellness With Science And Technology


You might’ve heard the term biohacking before….but you’re still not sure what it means.


Or maybe you’ve never heard it before.


If you’re new to biohacking, it’s important to understand what it is: a popular self-improvement technique to help improve your overall energy and wellness. Today we’re going to discuss all about biohacking – what it is, why it’s so popular, and how it can improve your life.

What Is Biohacking?


Biohacking is an emerging, popular self-improvement strategy that uses science, technology, and the latest wellness information to improve your life.  It’s been called “do-it-yourself biology by some.”1 Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof®,  is considered the founding father of Biohacking and describes it as “an upgrade to your mind, body, and life.”2

Biohacking uses science and evidence-based research to develop new wellness and lifestyle techniques. 

The areas of life people use biohacking in are:

  • Body
  • Mindset
  • Aging process
  • Environment
  • Sleep
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition


With advances in modern science and technology, it’s never been easier to live smarter, longer, and with more vitality.

Let’s talk about why so many people are drawn to biohacking.


Why Biohacking? 


As science advances technology, it becomes a larger part of our everyday life. This includes improving our health, fitness, and mindset. The interest in biohacking comes down to some really basic goals. People want to:


  • Stay healthy
  • Live longer 
  • Improve their quality of life.


Many goals of biohackers are:3

  • To feel better
  • Increase physical strength and endurance
  • Improve mental resilience
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Enhance physical recovery from injury


The term biohacking might sound scary (and a little futuristic) but many of us are already using biohacking techniques to improve our lives without even realizing it. Let’s talk about some popular ones that many people use. 


Biohacking Techniques


You may be using biohacking techniques already and not even know it. There are so many different techniques and many are quite popular. Biohacking includes these popular wellness trends.


Intermittent Fasting

A diet that focuses on when you eat with periods of eating and fasting. It helps you create a regular schedule of eating and allows your body to burn more fat and regulate blood sugar.4

Wearable devices

Smartwatches and fitness tracking bands allow you to get health information in real time so you can make health improvements during your day to reach fitness and health goals.5


Exposing your body to very cold temperatures is becoming very popular. Some people do this at home with ice baths and others go to cryotherapy centers. Cryotherapy constricts the blood vessels and when your body returns to normal temperatures it releases endorphins and other important nutrients. It can be done in as little as three minutes and many people report feeling invigorated after.6

Gratitude journaling

Ways to improve mindset are gaining popularity. Gratitude journaling has become a very popular trend to biohack your mindset. You can simply journal about a few things you’re grateful for each day. This practice helps you have an abundance mindset and think more positively in life.



There are a few biohacks for your brain, but many find that neurofeedback is the best brain optimization method out there. Neurofeedback gives your brain information about itself so that you can make changes to improve your life. Nonlinear neurofeedback is considered to be a very effective biohack for brain optimization with long-lasting results to improve overall energy and wellness. 

What Is Neurofeedback? A Look into Brain Optimization 


Neurofeedback is like physical fitness for the brain. You work out other parts of your body so why not keep your brain fit? It might sound a little funny to keep your brain fit because we don’t think about it very much. But as we learn more about the brain and its capabilities, optimizing your brain can have huge, lifelong benefits.


Optimizing your brain to work at its best can help you:

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Improve your mental acuity
  • Promote healthy sleep habits
  • Feel more certain and confident 
  • Manage performance anxiety or sports anxiety
  • Assist in weight loss goals
  • Cope with things better
  • Become more flexible and resilient which makes what you’re coping with a lot easier
  • Promote an overall healthy lifestyle


NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a brain training system that helps you explore your potential and optimize your brain to work and its best. It’s easy to use and non-invasive. 

Let’s talk a little about how it works.


How Does NeurOptimal® Work?


If you’re new to biohacking and brain optimization it may sound a little intimidating. We want to tell you how NeurOptimal®  works so you can see it’s merely giving the brain information about itself to help your brain self-correct. The best part of NeurOptimal® is that it’s so easy to use. 


First, it’s important to understand that there is nothing going into your brain. There are no currents, electricity, or stimulation entering your brain. You simply put sensors on your scalp and ears to measure your brain’s electrical activity and patterns. This measurement is taken while you listen to music or watch a movie.


The device will detect turbulence or bumpy, inconsistent brain patterns. When the device detects this there will be a brief interruption in what you’re listening to.


That’s it. A simple interruption in what you’re listening to will help your brain self-correct. Think of it as an interruption in your automatic, habitual, and not-so-functional day-to-day patterns. Your brain already has the ability to self-correct. NeurOptimal® is an advanced technology that helps you do this quicker and more efficiently.


After brain training sessions your brain can self-organize and stabilize itself better. 


With neurofeedback you’re:

  • Giving your brain information (or feedback) about its own activity
  • Alerting your brain to bumpy, uncomfortable patterns
  • Giving your brain information it needs to shift itself to more efficient patterns
  • Learning to become more flexible and resilient


Why NeurOptimal®?


NeurOptimal® is the most advanced, professional-grade neurofeedback device on the market that you can do at home. Many people are drawn to biohacking because they love the freedom and flexibility of improving energy and wellness on their terms – experimenting with what works for them. 


NeurOptimal® is the only type of neurofeedback that doesn’t require a practitioner’s assistance. This is an important difference because when you do neurofeedback with a practitioner they are assisting you in the changes your brain makes. This means their credentials, experience and even intuition are crucial to your success. 


NeurOptimal® neurofeedback allows the technology to do all the work. The technology is so advanced that it detects undesirable shifts or turbulence that are specific to you. It will only help you self-correct when you need it.


Learn More About Neurofeedback


If you’re interested in learning more about biohacking and brain optimization, we invite you to learn more about NeurOptimal®.

Whole Family Neurofeedback posts weekly blogs on different topics and we discuss how NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can help. We believe it’s the most effective brain biohacking technique out there.

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