What Is a Flow State? Learn the Secrets to Unlock Your Best Performance


Are you a parent looking to help your kids reach their highest potential? 

Do you (or your kids) want to reach peak performance in athletics?

Do you want to work more efficiently and advance in your career?

Whether it’s academics, sports, or work performance, learning what a flow state is and how you can get into it will help you succeed. 


It might be the best-kept secret to unlocking your greatest potential. Let’s dive into what a flow state is, how it can help your whole family and the tools you need to achieve your best performance. 


What is a Flow State?


A flow state is an optimal mental and emotional state where you’re fully immersed in the present moment, experiencing heightened focus, creativity, and productivity.1

It’s a period when the brain is operating at its highest level, allowing you to access your full creative potential without getting overwhelmed or distracted.


You know the phrase “being in the zone?” That’s flow. It’s being completely absorbed in an activity and executing it naturally, producing high-quality work quickly and efficiently.1

A flow state is the cornerstone of reaching peak performance. And, when you reach a flow state or peak performance, you can achieve results that are otherwise difficult.


Psychologists have studied this phenomenon over the past few decades and they’ve identified several key characteristics associated with flow:1

  • Loss of sense of time passing 
  • Complete absorption into a task
  • Clear goals and immediate feedback on progress
  • Intrinsic motivation (enjoyment)
  • Lack of self-consciousness  


Now that you understand what a flow state is, we’re going to talk a little about how it helps your kids with academic success.


Get Your Kids Into a Flow State for Academics


For kids, reaching a flow state means being able to concentrate better when doing homework or studying for tests. This directly improves academic performance as your child becomes a more efficient learner. Your child will be able to learn better and understand concepts deeper than ever before.


So, if you’re a parent with a child who struggles with concentration or focus, getting them into a flow state might be exactly what they need to improve.


Why is getting into a flow state great for kids? Getting into an ultimate creative zone lets your child perform complex tasks without thinking too much. They’re completely absorbed by the activity without distractions. This leads to improved productivity and creativity – helping them be better learners and students.


These simple strategies will help your child reach a flow state at home or school:

  • Give opportunities for uninterrupted playtime where they can explore freely without adult intervention (this helps them develop problem-solving skills)
  • Encourage creative thinking through open-ended questions rather than rigid instructions from adults (promotes critical thinking)
  • Teach mindfulness practices like meditation (helps cultivate awareness and focus)


Regular exercise plays an important role in reaching a flow state because physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, improving cognitive function.


Getting into a flow state is great for adults too. In fact, you can improve your workplace performance and happiness by getting into flow at work.


Improve Workplace Performance 

Now, more than ever people are trying to reach optimal work-life balance. By working more efficiently and actually enjoying your work, you’ll feel like you’re getting the balance you dream of.


Achieving a flow state at work also helps you feel your best and you’ll perform better too.


Reaching a flow state is different for everyone. 


Here are a few simple ways you can try getting into a flow state at work:

  • Set realistic goals: If a goal seems too lofty, it can be overwhelming leading to procrastination, lack of confidence, and missing deadlines. Breaking your work projects into small, easy-to-achieve goals can help you focus on one small task at a time and make you feel more productive.3


  • Distraction free zone: Depending on your workplace, it might be difficult to control all distractions. You can minimize them by setting aside specific times for emails and turning off notifications on your phone so you can focus on the task at hand.


  • Learn mindfulness practices: Things like meditation can help you reach a flow state. When you practice mindfulness, you’re aware of yourself, and your surroundings while you learn to stay in the present moment. While mindfulness and a flow state are not the same, the more you practice mindfulness, the easier it is to achieve a flow state.


There are other tools, such as neurofeedback, that can help you get into a flow state. Let’s talk about how neurofeedback helps create flow for the whole family.

Neurofeedback Helps Create Flow 


With the right tools and techniques, the whole family can achieve a flow state and peak performance at work, in academics, or in sports. Neurofeedback helps you reach optimal performance by training your brain to work at its best, most efficient state.


NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is the most advanced neurofeedback system on the market and is the only professional grade system that can be done at home safely and easily and without the need for a practitioner.


This type of neurofeedback monitors your brain’s electrical patterns while you listen to music or watch a movie. When the device detects turbulence, the movie or music briefly pauses. This pause brings you back to the present moment.4

Over time, your brain will learn the most optimal, efficient way of working – for you.


Your brain doesn’t work efficiently when you’re under stress, feel anxiety, or aren’t getting enough sleep. NeurOptimal® identifies areas where your brain’s processing is hindered and allows the brain to self-correct. This leads to improved focus, confidence, and gives you more energy while reducing stress levels. All of this can help you create the flow state you’re looking for. 


Try At Home Neurofeedback With NeurOptimal®


NeurOptimal®  is safe for all ages. It’s non-invasive and it’s the most advanced system on the market. There is so much power in the whole family doing neurofeedback together. Everyone gets to reach their optimal potential.


If you’re excited to get your family into “the zone”– the best time to start is now. Many people notice a difference in attention, focus, energy, and mood in just a few sessions.


You can optimize your time and be more efficient by training your brain to work at the most optimal state. Fill out our contact form now to see if at-home neurofeedback is right for you. 

We’re here to answer any questions you have! 



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