Dr. Val Brown, along with his wife, Dr. Sue Brown, developed Neuroptimal®, an outside-the-box form of neurofeedback that draws on multiple scientific disciplines. Dr. Val Brown has a background in clinical psychology, quantum mechanics and mathematics, computer programming, philosophy, and martial arts. Dr. Brown and I discuss the advantages of Neuroptimal® over the more conventional approaches to neurofeedback. 
In this enlightening interview, Dr. Brown and I discuss the following challenges in the linear neurofeedback field:
  • The foundation of a highly specialized and therefore limited knowledge base. Neuroptimal® draws from a broad scientific spectrum. 
  • Why looking for “the problem” in one’s brain keeps a person chasing one symptom after another
  • The Brain Map is like taking a snap shot of the World Wide Web and saying you’ve “captured” it.
  • Linear neurofeedback professes to have some understanding of the “location” of one’s diagnosis in the brain. Research simply does not support this. For example, see this research on learning disabilities. 
Dr. Val Brown discusses the following advantages of using Neuroptimal®: 
  • Neuroptimal® has a broader view of the “problem” one is facing. It’s not the ADHD diagnosis or the Depression or the Anxiety.
  •  Every problem is a form of hyper- or hypo orderliness in the brain. Neuroptimal® helps break up the stuck patterns, tapping into the brain’s orientation to bring a balanced, flexible yet resilient order.
  • Neuroptimal® at home  brings advantages to the whole family and to the family’s process toward healing and substantive change.
  • Neuroptimal’s® broad approach across scientific disciplines
  • Neuroptimal® isn’t looking for or anxiously focused on the “problem”
  • Neuroptimal® uses Dynamic Thresholding instead of the Brain Map. It is much more robust and dynamic. 
A big THANK YOU to Dr. Val Brown for taking the time today with Whole Family Neurofeedback!

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Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D.

Co-Founder of NeurOptimal®