An Interview with Occupational Therapist Ilia Syrgley

Ilia Sgygely is an OT working at Integrated Pediatric Therapy Associates Link to their site: in Windsor, CO. Ilia has been an OT for 13 years with a Masters degree in Pediatric OT. She has worked in inpatient rehab settings but now works in an out patient practice. She specializes in pediatric sensory processing issues. She is certified in Interactive Metronome and The Listening Program as well as Neuroptimal Neurofeedback.

“If you meet one person with autism…congratulations, you’ve met one person with autism.”

Dr. Stephen Shore

Ilia brings a passion and a wisdom to her work with families with an autistic member. Her approach involves taking a child and family and meeting them right where they are rather than trying to fit them into an box that works more for the medical establishment than for the families looking for help. She understands the “overwhelming chaos” that the families are facing and approaches them with this in mind. Ilia recommends building a team of practitioners and family members to navigate the process. In this interview we discuss the autism diagnosis, the three fundamentals, medication, self-regulation in the child and in the family, and neurofeedback.

Please scroll through the video or watch from start to finish. And feel free to reach out to Ilia if you have questions! If you’d like to watch the follow up Live Q&A with Ilia, join the Neurofeedback Moms group on Facebook!

2:05 Please describe for us how you see autism, how you define it and what it’s like for the families going through this?
9:20 The three fundamentals that should be assessed and monitored
11:20 Medication and autism
14:15 Self-regulation in the child and in the family
16:50 How Neuroptimal (non-linear) neurofeedback has made a difference in the clinic.
20:55 Advice for a parent who has just learned of this diagnosis for their child or who suspects this diagnosis.