“The Business of Neurofeedback” with Craig Walker


Craig Walker is a Certified Advanced Neurofeedback trainer using NeurOptimal® systems and is dedicated to the business of neurofeedback. He began his work in 2015 to pursue both personal and professional objectives. After his very first session, Craig says that NeurOptimal® just “sang” to him. He got it. And he hasn’t looked back since. Listen in to learn more about the business of neurofeedback and to see what made Craig so successful.

Watch The Video with Craig on The Business of Neurofeedback

The Business of Neurofeeback with Craig Walker

Craig’s career in neurofeedback started with his own personal search for healing and wellness, both for himself and his family. He added NeurOptimal® to an existing business focused on various modalities. But it wasn’t until Craig decided to focus solely on NeurOptimal® and the power it brought to his clients that his business took off. Bringing brain training to his mother and other family members also became a powerful platform from which he marketed his work.

Craig discusses the importance of one’s own expertise about NeurOptimal® and the ability to translate that to consumers as essential to a succesful neurofeedback business. Listen in to find out what other activities worked and worked well, and also listen in to learn what didn’t work.