The Real Moms of Neurofeedback is a series we have available in the Neurofeedback Moms group on Facebook. Please click here to request to join. Meanwhile, here is Stacie. Stacie is the mother of two adopted daughters from China, now teenagers. Through her experiences as a mom, Stacie studied and explored and researched to find any and all ways she could help her daughters and her family live their best lives. After hearing from Dr. Amen about neurofeedback, Stacie was able to find the at home option for neurofeedback and became one of our rental clients, eventually deciding to purchase a unit for her family.

Like many of our families, Stacie had tried just about everything to bring about more calm and emotional regulation in the family. When she heard about neurofeedback, she believed it offered something quite different as it addressed the brain directly. Within a couple of weeks, Stacie and her husband both noticed the shift toward greater calm in the household. They began to see their children stop and think before they reacted like they used to.

Please take a listen to hear more. And please consider joining the group to find the entire The Real Moms of Neurofeedback series!