Are you a family who struggled during covid with homeschooling? Did you notice problems with focus and motivation and maybe behavior with your kids? If you said yes to any of these, you are not alone! And if you’re like most parents, you tried many things to help. Veronica is the mom of one such family. She discovered neurofeedback in the last year and found it to be a primary differentiator between her kids’ success and happiness and their suffering.  

Join Miriam Bellamy, Director of Whole Family Neurofeedback and Veronica Hunter in this 15 minute video to learn about what she experienced using neurofeedback for herself, her mom, and her 4 kids. Her children are ages 5 to 9. Here are a few snippets from the interview:

Veronica says:

“We had been going to a wholistic physician…They were at the point of recommending neurofeedback, so I was at the point of looking into how do I go about doing this, and I was so excited to meet you and the options you offer.”

“The thing that happens in our family is that the energy level is so high, and that can create a latent level of stress.”

“We decided to homeschool because of covid…by the time it was fall, [my 9 year old son] was not showing up at all to lessons. He would literally hide in a corner.”

“What I’m most thankful for is since doing [the neurofeedback] he shows up at our home school lessons everyday for every lesson…He hasn’t missed a day!”

Veronica’s other children displayed similar shifts in a greater interest in their lessons, better ability to think through their writing assignments, and the overall level of stress in the house diminished. Veronica’s mother experienced much less of a feeling of overwhelm with her to do list and became more easily productive. Veronica noticed a shift in how hard things feel. The same old challenges stopped weighing on her as much.

Please have a listen to understand more about where Veronica and her family were before neurofeedback and where they are now. And if you want to join our moms community on Facebook, here is the link to request to join!