Parenting Complex Children

An Expert Interview With Elaine Taylor-Klaus

This Whole Family Neurofeedback podcast centers around parenting and coaching complex children with ADHD.

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Today I interview Elaine Taylor-Klaus PCC, CPCC. Elaine is a certified co-active coach, a public speaker, an author, an educator and the co-Founder of ImpactADHD®.com and co-creator of™. She also provides training, coaching, and support for parents at all stages of managing “complex” kids.

If you are parenting a complex child, listen in for Elaine’s tips on taking your family from chaos to calm. Elaine started her journey with ImpactADHD because of her own experiences with parenting complex children. After one was diagnosed, then another, then another, then her own diagnosis, Elaine was compelled to understand better. Listen in as Elaine speaks from her own experiences as well as from her experience with thousands of parents over the years. Knowing her audience as she does, her simple, clear tips and guideposts are easy to understand and don’t take a lot of study.

Here are just some of the resources available to you from ImpactADHD:

Parent’s Guide to Motivation — download (free)

Explanation: “If you want your kids to clean up their rooms, finish their homework, stop talking back, or simply respond well anytime you ask them to do something… this guide is a great place to start.”


“Sanity School” Parent Training Course
(Online Behavior Therapy)
Explanation: “Training program for parents of children with ADHD and related challenges offers reality-based strategies for parents (Behavior Therapy). Online classes are affordable, accessible and effective, reinforced with a workbook, weekly emails, an online forum, and group Q & A calls with a coach.”


What is Behavior Therapy? Article 

Explanation: “Behavior Therapy in the form of Parent Training is recommended as a key part of treatment for children with ADHD. This article explains what Behavior Therapy REALLY means— and it may not be what you think.”

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