The one thing missing from your wedding planning: Neurofeedback.

In this episode of Getting The Most Out Of Neurofeedback, Lorna Hecht joins us as we discuss potentially stressful family transitions, such as weddings and wedding planning and neurofeedback…how it works to the benefit of families on both sides of the aisle.


We also get to know Lorna a little better as she talks about how she managed self throughout the wedding   process between her son and her new daughter in law. Lorna writes: 

Neuroptimal neurofeedback, with its holistic orientation, can be an aid in all kinds of personal growth in self and in the family, much more than alleviating a symptom, although that can happen too. Brain training provides information that allows someone to be more thoughtful at an emotional time.
Different relationships come together with greater intensity, creating lasting changes in the family. Neurofeedback has helped Lorna to see her own participation and reactions in relationships. She thinks her participation with her family has been more thoughtful and productive as a result. Some quotes from the podcast:
“Everybody comes from a family. Everybody’s family has its own culture and mindset.”
“Thinking about people, individuals and relationships and even symptoms in the context of how this particular family system operates.”
“A family is a system that is more than the sum of its parts.”
“Mothers always cry at the wedding, and I did.”
“The intensity of my relationship with my son has transferred to his relationship with his bride.”
“Just one person in the family doing neurofeedback can help as the family goes through anxious transitions.”


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