5 Ways To Reduce Stress For Busy Moms


In honor of Mother’s Day in the United States, we dedicate this blog to all mothers and mother figures. 


You’re the backbone of the family. 


You’re always coordinating schedules and remembering when school projects are due.


You make sure everyone else is taken care of – even if that means neglecting yourself.


Being a mom has always had its stressful moments but many people say, being a mom in today’s world is even more stressful. For many moms, the pandemic pushed their stress level over the edge, juggling home school, virtual school, household responsibilities, and working. It shined a bright light on just how busy and stressful modern-day motherhood is.1

Today, let’s talk about how moms can reduce stress. Whatever type of mom you are – we have ways for you to reduce your stress and increase relaxation to prevent burnout.


When One Family Member Is Stressed, The Whole Family Feels It


Let’s talk briefly about the power of the family unit. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I’ve spent decades working with families. I’ve come to truly understand the importance of the family unit on the health and wellness of each individual in the family system.


For example, one family member being overwhelmed and stressed means the whole family is overwhelmed and stressed. People in a family absorb each other’s energy. Whether it’s anxiety, stress, depression, or even a physical illness.2 In a nutshell, when one person is stressed in the family it trickles down to everyone else.


The family unit has a powerful impact on each individual. As a family, you’re dependent on others physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. You’re more connected to your family than you probably even realize.


As a mom this is especially important to understand – you’re often the glue that holds the family together (no pressure!)


If you can reduce your stress and take care of your overall health, you’ll make a big difference in your family. 


There are so many tips, tricks, and resources out there for busy moms, but we compiled our own list that will help you make long-term lifestyle changes to reduce stress.


Here are some of our best tips on how moms can reduce stress and prevent burnout.


5 Ways Moms Can Reduce Stress


1.) Say “No” more often


You take on a lot. You’re coordinating appointments, getting kids to and from school, playing chauffeur to the mall and extracurricular activities. It’s easy to say yes to everything but it’s not always healthy to do so. 


As a mom, you’re trying to please and accommodate everyone. You want to be everyone’s superhero. Well, guess what? You already are! 


It’s ok to say no and clear your calendar. Pick the most important activities for your family and focus on them. In fact, reduces stress for the whole family. You can make this a family value that you pass on to your kids. 


Have a conversation with your family about the importance of not overcommitting to activities and choosing the most important ones. Your kids will learn that it’s better to commit to a few activities and give 100% to them than take on too many commitments only to feel stressed, burnt out, and unhappy.


2.) Ask for help


As moms we’re expected to do it all – and we want to! But the reality is, at some point, you’ll need help. Whether it be from your partner, a babysitter, daycare, or grandparents you’ll need help to work, go to an appointment, date night, or to have a few hours to yourself. 


This isn’t easy for everyone. You may need to let go of societal expectations that you need to do it all. Or you might need to let go of control. There is usually an underlying reason people don’t ask for help. If asking for help isn’t easy for you, explore why. Then, start slow by asking for help in small increments of time and work your way up to longer periods of time.


You know the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well, it’s true for kids too. Spending time with other people is helpful because they’ll appreciate you so much more when you return.


3.) Don’t forget about your social life


This is the easiest part of your life to neglect when you’re a parent. Your friend group might have changed or your relationship with your partner changed since kids arrived. It’s easy to neglect others (especially your partner) when you become a mom but it’s crucial to have other adults in your life. Whether it’s to share a hobby with, go to the movies, or just someone to talk to, you need some time to yourself to engage with other adults.


It’s easy for the mom guilt to set in or to feel too exhausted to do anything. If you commit to spending time with friends, family, and your partner, you’ll walk away feeling energized and mentally stimulated.


So go on date nights, or take that long-awaited weekend getaway, there is no better time than now.


4.) Self-care


Self-care has been a buzzword for some time now. You may roll your eyes when you hear this. It’s become cliché to tell moms to light some candles, take a bath, and drink some wine. While it’s true you need to take time for yourself, it should be tailored to your lifestyle and personality. 


For some, it is taking a bath, reading a book, meditating, or drinking a glass of wine. For others, it may be going to the gym, riding a bike, taking a hike, hanging out at a coffee shop, or binge-watching Netflix.


Whatever you choose, it should make you feel:

  • Recharged
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Excited


Whatever you choose, it should be energizing and a way for you to do something to feel like yourself again. Being a mom is so important but it’s crucial for you to have an identity outside of being a mother too.


5.) Neurofeedback


When saying no, asking for help, hanging out with friends, and self-care aren’t able to get you the relief you need, you might turn to neurofeedback. It is often the interruption moms need in the status quo of overwhelm and stress. 

It’s the most powerful way to optimize your brain, reduce stress, and live an overall healthier life – all without having to leave the house OR put out a lot of effort. 


Whole Family Neurofeedback was born out of the idea that the family gets the most benefit from everyone doing neurofeedback. We have many moms that inquire about neurofeedback for their kids. If you’re interested in neurofeedback for your family, (or your kids are already doing it) you should consider it for yourself too. Not only will you be a role model as you show your child how to do it, but you’ll get some great benefits from it too.


Let’s talk a little about what neurofeedback is and its benefits.


Neurofeedback Benefits For Moms


At Whole Family Neurofeedback, we talk a lot about the importance of neurofeedback for the whole family because we’ve seen huge transformations when everyone trains their brain. 


Whole Family Neurofeedback uses NeurOptimal® the most advanced, professional-grade neurofeedback that can be done at home.


If you’re unfamiliar with neurofeedback, it’s a brain training system that detects changes in your brain’s electrical patterns. To get started, you put sensors on your head and ears. Then you sit back and simply listen to some music or watch a movie. When the brain shifts and changes, you receive a signal which is a brief pause in what you’re listening to. It’s so subtle you might not even notice it.


This signal brings you back to the present moment, teaches your brain self-control, and allows the brain to self-correct. Over time, your brain learns to adjust to stressful situations, use more efficient patterns, and improve overall health. The best part? The sessions only take about 30 minutes!

Neurofeedback can provide different benefits for everyone.

NeurOptimal® is FDA-approved as a general wellness product and can:

  • Help manage stress
  • Promote healthy sleep habits 
  • Help you become more flexible and resilient
  • Help your brain work more efficiently (what mom doesn’t need that?)
  • Help you feel calmer, more confident, and more certain
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle to help manage chronic conditions


If you’re a busy mom, NeurOptimal® might be the tool you need to reduce stress in your life.


If you’re interested in learning more about NeurOptimal® join our Facebook group, neurofeedback moms. Here you’ll find a warm, welcoming community of other moms interested in neurofeedback. 


In the group, you’ll get:

  • Research-based information to help you make the best decisions for your family
  • Live sessions with experts in the therapeutic, neurofeedback, and parenting fields
  • Support from other moms
  • Lifetime access to all live recordings– watch at your convenience!


Go ahead and join Neurofeedback moms, we’re excited to connect with you inside of the group!



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