Episode 1:

What Parents Need to Know w/ Lorna Hecht, LMFT (Part 1)

In the inaugural episode of the Getting The Most Out Of Neurofeedback Podcast, therapist and founder of Whole Family Neurofeedack, Miriam Bellamy, LMFT, speaks with licensed therapist Lorna Hecht, LMFT about how family dynamics come into play with an ADHD child, the Bowen Family Systems Theory, the concept of blame, and how neurofeedback training can be used along with other methods.


Neurofeedback: What Parents Need to Know


Parents write to me all the time about wanting help for their child who has been diagnosed with fill-in-the-blank. Parents and kids who are getting the most out of their neurofeedback experience are those who are able to step back from the diagnosis just a little bit to think about process. What parents need to know is that in the medical model, we get these diagnoses that don’t take into account the mental and emotional processes involved. Getting the most out of your neurofeedback experience isn’t just about running the equipment or having sessions. It’s also about opening up to new ways of thinking about your family and the process of change. Even when the changes are positive, sometimes parents miss them! How could this be? It’s important to understand the process of change and what that might look like in your family.

My guest Lorna Hecht, LMFT and I explore new ways for parents to think about their children who need help, their families, and the process of change. Join us for our first webinar on Getting the Most Out of Your Neurofeedback Experience and explore with us what parents need to know!