Lunch and Learn:  

ADHD and Neurofeedback: A Family Systems Perspective


March 12th 12-1:30 PM EST or

March 26th at 12-1:30 PM EST

“This workshop was informative, interesting, and worth attending. It was a great eye opener to the systems perspective and a great understanding about neurofeedback. I work in the autism world so utilizing this as a reference and means of support is fantastic.”   -Recent attendee

The CDC describes ADHD as a significant public health risk and says that in the US alone, $31.6 billion is spent annually on direct care for both those with ADHD and their family members. The questions surrounding ADHD are as complicated as the experiece of it for children, parents, grandparents, and teachers. Researchers often use different definitions and diagnostic criteria and are largely focused on the individual rather than the family system. In addition, pharmaceutical companies and the medical model inform too much of the public discourse at the expense of understanding the family emotional processes that coincide. A family systems perspective can provide a broader view and can be helpful for practitioners as well as families. Neurofeedback from a systems perspective (non-linear neurofeedback) can be helpful when looking at ADHD in the context of the multi-generational family and can provide a more comprehensive approach.

If you would like to learn about ADHD and neurofeedback from a family systems perspective, this is a great place to start! If you are considering integrating neurofeedback into your practice, this is also a great place to start! Join us for 90 minutes online for one of 2 Fridays in March, and deepen your understanding.

You will learn:

  • A family systems understanding of ADHD
  • A systems approach to neurofeedback (non-linear neurofeedback)
  • How to integrate it into your family or your practice

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    We are asking attendees to donate to help support Atlanta Community Foodbank

    Suggested donation amount $10