Get started with Fort Collins based neurofeedback training to improve mental, emotional, and physical resilience and to get you closer to your goals, whatever they may be!

We often think about adding things to our lives to achieve our goals—like adding a gym membership or a meditation practice. But sometimes we miss the importance of removing the barriers. Many times these barriers are in the brain.

What’s in YOUR way?

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    Whole Family Neurofeedback Office

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    Brain Training For Everyone


    Neurofeedback training can be done by people of all ages.


    The NeurOptimal system simply provides the brain with information on how it’s running, allowing it to correct itself.


    Brain training without any diagnosis, and absolutely no prescriptions or side effects


    Connect to the system, sit back, and let your brain do the work. It’s as simple as that.

    I have been in and out of therapy for most of my adult life and felt stuck in some of the same emotions and patterns for years, despite the fact that therapy has been tremendously helpful to me (and specifically Miriam who is hands down the best). After hedging some and feeling unsure as to what neurofeedback is and really does, I decided to give it a try. It has been life-changing for me. The training has addressed my brain fog, overall mood, and my ability to maintain a less anxious and more steady reaction to events throughout my day. I have also noticed that my negative self-talk has decreased significantly. I truly look forward to my neurofeedback sessions and find an extreme sense of calm immediately after.

    A Whole Family Neurofeedback Client

    Denver, CO

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